Renge Cause and Effect a Universal Law Karma Part 1

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Karma in this way with everything has a positive and a negative and everything that we see and feel as static is actually fluid. If you take all the the atoms in the world and the universe not one of them is touching one another they all repel the one next to it. So they never touch and things are actually flowing some slow some faster. Air flows faster than a desk water faster then earth.

The same goes for our karma and this takes place in a range we can not see or perceive. But I look at it in my mind as clouds of swirling happenings were there are pockets of positive and pockets of negative and pockets of negative happenings attract opposing positive happenings. I see them as cloudy like but also as a swirling pockets bleeding off and following flows. And this is how we experience good and bad happenings in our lives

Once I had an experience when I laid down and all the sudden it was as if a vail was lifted and I was exposed to this place that was right here right were we are now and there was all these signs hieroglyphic in nature floating around. It was an amazing amount of information just swirling everywhere. It was moving so fast that the side of my body that was exposed to it started to burn with friction. I was awe struck and started to evaluate rapidly was this real. It was as real as I sit here now and about 40 seconds in I raised up because I wasn’t breathing.

I believe this is what I saw and it has taken me months to come to this conclusion about what it was that I saw. It was everything that could and will happen in my life in the very near future. I do not know if its controlled or just random. But I can tell you this I walked away with a totally knew out look on life some how having understands about some universal laws that i never new about before. Then I would go to the good old YouTube and punch something in and find some of these laws are widely believed by others.

So I just have been amazed at this whole thing. There is so much to it that I have to write it in parts. There are dangers when it comes to effecting it. There is a language that it sorta speaks to you and can even push you in particular directions if your in tune. Should you listen it rewards you. So yes there is a lot to right about and how many parts i dont know but this will do for part one.

I picture is as a cloud of swirling happenings of positive and negative that are attracted toward you in general not one for one but general respective of the many ways you generate positive and negative vibrations. Everything counts. Thats all for now tell next time.

The Minds Eye

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The minds Eye is the very eye that can be used to observe oneself from outside ones self. The view from here is like no other. It is from this point that he can visualize all activities taking place, physical world activities are all activities that are associated with our general reality. Work, leisure, social, spiritual activities acted upon in the physical.

The minds eye is between the physical and the spiritual. What I mean by this is it can look into other realities not apparently visible to us in this physical world. The physical eyes can not do so. With practice there is no difference in seeing the spiritual realm with your minds eye and your physical world with your physical eye. A picture seen thru the physical eye is an arrangement of energy vibrating at different frequencies assembling your view. The same goes for the spiritual realm we’re you also have various vibrating frequencies that are assembled into a picture that you see. The same goes for the view of yourself from outside yourself. The view of yourself from outside your self is a recording of the frequencies. It has a present live view if you will but you will see yourself in your current meditation.

So it is capable of separating us from our physical self by placing us in a spiritual state. When using our minds eye we are not necessarily with our body. We are rather an accumulation of frequencies that make our form at this time. This very form is the same form that will be present when your physical body stops functioning for us. It is our spirit in its individual form. As we live and die and live and die again the complexity and perfectness of this form increases with knowledge. This is how we are born of God. You can say or presume confidently that this makes sense for the reasons in which we are here. It is simply a gestation period where we start out so very simple and life after life we become more complicated and refined. Knowledge and levels of it is the goal, wisdom in all areas of all things is to be achieved.

Things are not as they seem to be at least not in the way we as a collective have framed them. But this is another story amongst many other beautiful stories I want to tell you. I’ll give you this much though, throughout time souls have been coming to the end of this their first maturation and they see what is not seen. They have compassion for souls who are misguided and try to lift the vale’s of ignorance from them thru practices of living while we are here in the physical that allow one to learn faster and to finally reach maturation sooner.

Here is a practice I’m aware of that can help those who want help. First one has to hear me and in order to hear me one has to have taken in my words with enough understanding to believe this is a viable path. The wise have no problem here simply because what makes sense is truth and things that don’t make sense are abominations of what was once truth handed down by a maturated soul.

So seeing yourself from outside yourself thru ones Minds Eye is something that can be practiced thru meditation which will have you quite your mind first. That alone is priceless in terms of what it will do for your health, sense of well being, and your abilities in all life situations. After the mind is quite you will the start recordings of yesterday and observe them.

From here as I said before you have the ability to see yourself in the raw. You know your secrets so you are for the first time observing someone with no secrets. One or two things will happen as you allow. They are acceptance or denial. I suggest acceptance it is really not as hard as it looks. Denial only yield a person with secrets and you can get that simply by talking to another human. So it yields nothing but what you already had. Behind denial with acceptances you have the the you of countless lives that has matured to that ever point you are at.

I know that is terribly abstract and the concept can be fleeting at least it can be for me. But you need acceptance here so that you can look at your raw with an objective minds eye that accepts the bad on the same plain as the good. There is no difference in the two things other than pride. Pride is a misconception in life as it pertains to the whole. Pride is a selfish action and defends itself with Denial. Once seen for what it is it can be banished. Please watch for it always as it will try to re-interject it’s self into your vibrations.

Practice with this understand this and you will find a knew love and understanding for other people for you find when looking at them you see you. For when you see there inaccuracies you have already accepted them within yourself. Yes they are the same we are one.

I know my writes are long I hope you joyed this and hopefully it can be a positive maturation tool in your spiritual journey. This isn’t the first time this has been said it’s just the first time using my words. I will have many writes and the things I convey will be from this place of understanding that my points will be raised. This place is a place of everything always that had no beginning therefore no end, therefore it is are destination oneness we reach separately turning the wheel together.

If one has compassion for self and it’s hardships experienced then one has to have compassion for others because their experience is the same as yours. Simply put Its the experience of life we all have it. To judge is the mistake and mistakes are a learning process and this is also the maturation process as we push on towards our meeting with the divine.

MAGA reason to be afraid!


Donald Trump is pretty much a person who really has not done very well in life and with some careful analysis we can see where we are now and why. His actions not his words are clear but whats not as clear is why, what is the ultimate purpose of this division he draws between us so well. I’ve been watching and thinking and learning and thinking some more and I believe I have a puzzle put together that has all the pieces. That is to say I can not only make out the focus of the picture but most of the whole scene and even the back ground is legible.

First lets start with a little overview on Donald Trump. Ill make this quick but this is important to understand whats in it for himself. Donald is a person who has very low self esteem that is backed up by a miserable success record in business. Coming from a father who is very successful Donald has been trying all his life to prove himself to be every bit the business king his father was. This is not at all an abnormal thing to have between a father and a son. The only thing different is the financial scale by which they operate. This is probably not in Donalds favor as it doesn’t allow for one blunder but for several. As a matter of fact he probably was well aware most of his life that a bail out of ruin was always there.

So we have a person that is always failing but learns to act as if. “Act as if” is a very powerful tool that can be used to achieve almost anything one likes. It give the person and those around that person a sense of confidence that this person has the plan and is sure to execute it. Often they are in over their head but simply fake it tell they make it. Act as if generates the opportunity and faking it tell you make it gets you over the hump. When actually the possibility of success in your eyes was totally unclear most the way thru.

The problem was Trump would simply act as if very well and fake it just as well but never picks up on what it takes to make it before he breaks it. I’m pretty sure if I had a casino which is one of the easiest profits to make in all of business i could act as if and fake it tell i made it going thru one hell of a struggle but not bankrupt. So there is an issue with failed Opportunity after opportunity only thing that has succeeded at is the ability to act as if and fake it better than almost anyone.

Another learned skill along this road of failure but appearing successful is the unique opportunity to know what those around you dont. That you are going to fail and that you yourself are sure of it. You might ask why i call this an opportunity and the reason is its is to Donald the opportunity to be underhanded when others dont see it coming. Her before things go bad he takes advantage of those he can basically stealing from them. I’m not going point by point on this but one case would be un paid workers left out in the cold when things go bad. While he probably pocketed most the investment money that would have paid them. So know we add the word crook to who Donald is.

I mean who else writes a book the art of the deal while going down the toilet at the same time. Not only the fact that its about a book of success while your a failure it is a convincing one at that. This is why you here over and over he is a con man. This he has become good at in its own right but was not the intended goal. Here in lies the problem with self esteem. He has everyone else fooled except for himself . Its safe to say Donald probably thinks no one gets it but him. This is mostly true and a con man isn’t a con man because he believes people dont believe him. This would be an unsuccessful con man if one couldn’t generate faith in there sceneries. To a better con man though who os aware of this confidence Donald is dinner on a silver platter.

We go from here to Donalds engagements with some very powerful people. These people understand Donald better than he does himself. They talk and he knows that they are really successful at what they do. He admires these people more than he admires himself. It is the ultimate good old boys club of steroids. To be considered a part of this group removes all questions of ones efficacy and everyone’s else’s as well. Just the mere fact sets people on edge for the power is great and far reaching. Its a power that his father could never command. There for this is what Donald is after but nothing is for free. So in order for Donald to be this powerful he must deliver a very very big prize to a very very powerful man.

This man is Putin yes Putin one of the most powerful men in the world and some one Donald admires so much he trust his word of the United States intelligence agency. Donald has many ties in Russia and has met with Putin i believe one error or wide before he became president. Putin has already done the very same thing Donald is doing here in the United States. He dismantled the newly created democracy that formed when the Soviet Union collapsed. Piece by piece slowly disarming different arms of the government rendering it ineffective until he is now the dictator that decides everything, kills political opponents, locks up people who decent from his views or positions.

He recently took a two hour meeting with putin and just himself. He instructed any staff to wait and went in alone. He gets schooled on what to do and in turn does what ever Putin asks of him. All military pull outs have been in Putins favor. When Putin interfered with are elections Trump adopted and alternative conspiracy theory of Putins that Ukraine was responsible not Russia. Every thing he has done with regard to our foreign relations with Russia has been in their favor. It is my opinion that the whole Republican Party is on this path. The United States is changing and they are so willing to hold on to power they are dismantling are constitution a piece at a time. The are bold and in our face with it. Mich he just stood up there and said I’m not going to follow my oath to this country in the senate trial of Donald Trump when he asked Ukraine to interfere with out election. Only one Republican did what is obviously correct. There rest dismissed the oath to our constitution and made sure nothing would happen to Trump.

Mean while they use their base as pawns in this dismantling playing on racial fears of immigration scape gloating the Mexicans for the lack of employment. Donald Trump has made it fashionable to show hate for people of color and people who are different like the transgendered. Calling neo nazi’s fine people. He is labeling the Democrats as bad people with wicked intentions. He has done everything to discredit the mainstream media as false. He is willing and has tried to cheat in the next election. He has mentioned several times that term limits should not apply to him. Bar has turned into his lawyer who says the president can do anything he wants and is essentially above the law. Anyone who speaks critical of hm is fired and often he says they should be investigated and locked up. He has used military force on the protesters and often refers to them as rioters when most of the month long protest have been peaceful. He plays to the racist elements of our country defending confederate flags and statues. Every time his says something so out of line its unbelievable they say of he didn’t that its was a joke.

Its a pattern he says something to let the Nazi people in this country know he is with them then pulls back saying it was a joke or he didn’t mean that but they know he meant it and they will be out voting i assure you. Because to them they are going to get what they want a nationalist white america where anyone different in anyway is in big trouble. But here is the deal Donald is a con man at nature and he is simply pandering for their vote. The Christians will tolerate anything to get the judges they want but they are being used too.

So the deal is the old white male republicans dont want things to change so they protect him. The Christians want pro life judges so they protect him. The neo Nazi’s and white nationalist type people want their white supremacy in this country so they tolerate everything. All of witch condemn anyone who descents from these agendas. Meanwhile the conman is going to hand the strings to Russia and he will have his power there will be no elections and if there is they will be about as fair as Russias and Donald trump will stay President for ever.

So this is how everyone gets what they want. If you are of color or different like transgendered people, handicapped, or anything considered to take away anything from white people you will be in big trouble. If he is re-elected it will start on day one. They will start doing things to tighten their grip and its over bye the time four years are up. White peoples if you are poor dont expect to be treated nicely. In Russia there is no ideology there is the few rich people. You will stay poor and because you gave this man so much power if you speak out you will be silenced just like they are in Russia . This is why I say you are being used. None of us gets anything. The only people who get something is the people at the top who will be ripping our country off blind and of course Donald trump will finally be a success.

So it is clear this isn’t an upcoming election it’s a fight for our country. One of the biggest challenges we face is dis enchanting the enchanted. This is to say let the Christians know in the end unless your rich you loose everything. You will become poorer. Probably your survival will be more important than a woman’s right to not choose. You’ll be wondering what happened to the United States of America’s. Donald isn’t a Christian and once he has what he wants you will be expected to follow what ever path he is taking. On a dime Christians can become very bad people. So many people are saying they are very bad and I see it myself so what should I do. Blah blah blah you’ll be screwed. This goes for the nationalist too. Money control “his way 100%” is what you will have. Mean while the Rich Republicans and Russia will just be spending your money while you break your back. Your being used too.

A little story it isn’t the Mexicans who take your jobs it’s the republicans and corporations that offer the Mexicans the lower wage to do your job. It isn’t the Democrats that move your jobs over seas it’s the Rich White Republicans and corporations who buy the republicans and democrats that do this. It’s rich white people screwing over less fortunate white people. See they don’t see you and your 50- 60- 70 or even 100- thousand a year ass as the same as you are. To three they are superior. But they sure know how to hand you a scape goat on a silver platter. Just ads long as you think that they are white and you are white that your both right. Not true latter you’ll see your trailer trash and inferior. It’s white people tjhat bail out the very rich oil companies with your tax dollars and you think it’s people of color that’s your problem. They are the least of your problem. You know what they call us “feeders”.

So the trick is to un hypnotize the hypnotized. There prize is swinging back and fourth in their eyes and they can’t stop seeing it long enough to see we are gonna loose this country to the rich and Russia and then that’s when the looting starts. But they can’t see it. They think they will get their prize and live happy ever after. Donald and Putin don’t care about what you want once they have what they want.

So getting them to see, voting this guy out, turning out at the poles, be vocal apply pressure back, what’s wrong is wrong, be outraged, don’t stand for it, break the spell and lure Ts stop this.

I’m so tired I can’t check it I’m just hitting publish. Good night Americans all of you. It’s our country not his and we aren’t their suckers.

Many are being deceived. Reason for concern?


Things are gonna heat up. Don’t let the people who want to creat division amongst us succeed. America’s greatest strength is sticking together in a time of crisis. Now up to now I’ve been fight with trump supporters but I think better of myself then this and am changing direction. From here on out I will calmly and ina friendly way point out the reality of things. I’ve notice they mimic trump closely. Like trump blaming democrats for keeping churches closed when it’s his administrations recommendations that democrats our following.

So here is the game. They put forth the recommendations then they see particular groups they can upset when it comes to those restrictions. In one case a democratic governor wants to wait one more week. If I’m correct t they still haven’t met the Republican guidelines and yet they will still open up the churches against the Republican guidelines.

But the republicans on face book are out posting democrats are godless. The president says keeping the churches closed will hurt the dems when they are his guidelines and he is using them to draw division amongst us.

In one case I pointed out the agenda of a religion to elect certain polititions and get judges on benches as a tactic to impose religious laws on everyone in a country where we have religious freedom and a separation of church and state. They have a right to vote in laws this is true. I just don’t understand why they can’t let other people be who they want to be..

Much of this thing with trump is about this the Christian agenda. He promises indirectly to push for it and they in return will ignore all his discretions , moral bankruptcies, and perversions of what Jesus said even. I’ll point to the prayer breakfast I think last year where trump directly said he doesn’t believe in what Jesus said. But trump was confused and stated someone else said it not knowing it was Jesus. I believe it was the turn the other cheek thing but I’m not sure.

Never the less it was a direct contradiction with Jesus’s word right out of the Bible. Not one religious leader said word as a matter of fact trump got a standing ovation. Now looking at this is troublesome to see the religious leaders make a deal with the devil. I’ll get you on the judges bench but you must give me your moral soul.

It’s my contention the the means by which you get some where has a direct relationship with the out come. Good will not come of bad. It surprises me that this people given their role would set such an example. There is nothing God like about this. It is a lot more devil like and according to thier own revelations in the Bible I think we all should take note. We should all notice a great number of people are being deceived.

They believe what they are saying and doing is right and clearly it’s very wrong. I ouldnt worrie but they are trying to control our country and we all can be in for one very miserable time.

So if the Christians that are on this page with trump are being deceived it’s up to the Christians who are not and us to lovingly bring them back into the truth. I know this sounds heavy handed but trust me I see the clear and present dangers of their intentions and behaviors not to mention train of thought. This wouldn’t be the first time a great number of people in a society has been deceived into a terrible state of genocide even..

Think about it. It’s the kinda thing that eases its way in tell its to late and is al ways based on a us vrs them mentality attacking the press rule of law and all our norms that keep us free. Think about it. One of the key themes is that the division and polarity between groups of people that already insisted is being ripped wide open. When in a time of crisi we would normally come together. God Help Us

Letter to my brother……in a nut shell .


Very similar to what I do not exactly what I do. I picture there vibration then mine then positive vib….that’s a trip that they would be so similar…. ….I c gods will as follows …one we are all of God meaning we are a part of God…….manifestation of energy to matter ” you me and the rock on the ground” I have this belief that everything is happening in every possible way all the time. The law of polarity leads me here and some theories in mathematics suggest this possibility as well (the multiverse) And our view of this particular happening is a result of everything we have done up to now. So everyone’s future is fluid even the very near future but in a general way it’s not one to one, like I slap you next week I get slapped. But you do however reap what you sew. Do bad things bad things happen. Vibrations attract like vibrations he of the the greatest things you can do is what you said pray (vibrate) (picture project frequencies) with good Intent toward another. That gave me a positive feeling when you say that as though I can in an instant picture your frequency or I just know what you are saying. It’s very hard to put it into words. Gods will is for us to exhibit balance wisdom no matter what tries to tip us. Also to stay close to the spiritual and not curse it when things go wrong rather put fourth good energy toward its fix. There are situations that aren’t test per say as some conject but it shows rather your level of belief understand and wisdom towards God and all its creations : lo

Love you I know you know all that or a similar picture I just said all that so you do know how devoted I am to spirituality…..the word conject I stole it from conjecture lol……love you…….

I don’t stop shut my eyes or anything to pray it’s like a open channel 24/7 like five seconds ago I gathered my knowledge pictured you = a frequency in thought and interacted with good intentions in a general way..,.bam on the spot ……and like if I want something to go well on the way I picture theirs mine and homonym and balance And wa la …..I’m new to all this it only came to my attention recently in the last two years when I had that instance in the parking lot. Then without outside help all the sudden all this was apparent bleeding into my welcoming mind ….ok ok …I’m off to see the girls with love.

Of course it points out from here encompassing all things andI want to say intent is everything manipulate these vibrations with the wrong intent and be ready for many bad happenings so be wise with what you do…with love ❤️

The Lotus Sutra,

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This video deals with the simplicity of the lotus sutra I personally (I’m not a Buddhist ) chant Nam My Yoho Renge Kyo a lot and that is a devotions of mine to the Lotus Sutra which says every one of us has the innate power to be a Buddha and Buddha means Awake or one that is Awake. So can be a Buddha but it doesn’t mean that you have to be a part or any particular religion. To me one aspect in my path is to stay part from groups not because they are bad I just feel my thinking is not inhibited by a group who believes this or that strongly. I like the freedom to revert at a seconds notice if i start to believe different.

Anyway I am devoted to the particular Sutra as “I” understand it. Enjoy its nice

About Lotus Sutra

This is very interesting information I just learned of it today and am still absorbing it but I think that it is gonna have some meaning on the spiritual level. Take a look for your self.

You have to cop pie and paste this one

Karma Cause an Effect Renge P.1a

It’s “tiring” when you see right thru the hypocrisy, when you know that they are blowing smoke up your ass.

I published a piece on karma yesterday part 1. After reading it as I kind of did it in a hurry do to my excitement level. This is something I really need to take my time with for one the subject matter is highly complex and abstract to the point of not being able to express the pictures in my mind using words.

On the other hand some way some how I feel this to be highly important to share. It has implications that relieve me personally of much of my suffering in life. What I mean by suffering is my fear of death, my aging body surely headed down hill from here. There is no reversal of the inevitable aging, my vessel will retire its self back to the earth from which it came. The problem is I have to watch this and feel this. I will loose everyone I love and anyone left will loose me. Ill get slower dumber frail until i just stop working. That sucks but I’ve found some stuff I can really believe in and I believe all smile my way out.

I don’t know about you but for me this is troubling as I’m a lover of life so the thought of my mortality weighs on me. But this isn’t the only type of distress life brings there is love, careers and all sorts of things that can bring grief throughout a life time. Some religions have these things characterized as desires and yes it’s true that if you did without the things in life that you desire there would be less troubles. I’m opposed to this notion as I believe it’s the experiencing of these things that makes life so great. I say this with in reason of course as some desires we all can do without.

Another problem is this subject makes for long complicated writes as it has to be explained in in a way that others can make sense of what I see and have seen. I believe that everyone of us can see the same. I do not feel special in anyway. As far as I know I’m not crazy and if your still reading I think you know this already. On the other hand my other blogs can make a person decide I’m a bit touched because of what I say I’ve seen and the source of my information going there forward.

So if you take a leap of faith in the sense that you will stick with me over many many blogs I can try to pass this on to you. Something that makes sense, something that is not simply made up or designed to control anyone, something that belongs to no group, has no leader, something on faith that is in good faith. I am doing this for no other reason than to share a path I have found that brings me well being and I hope that it will do the same for others as well.

It embraces many Easter philosophies, mathematics, aspects of Jewish, Muslim, and Christianity, quantum physics, telepathy, and most of all consciousness and reality here in this physical world. It ties in with the idea of a multiverse and the laws of attraction. Mathematics brings us the multiverse idea. The law of attraction is true but they only caught a sliver of the bigger picture.

With this you can be human, there is no guilt about not living up to standards. It will be you who sets your standards based on how the universe speaks to you. It is forgiving in the sense that we can always do better. Also its not about right and wrong or good and evil its about balance harmony and grace. Instead of seeing a bank robber as an evil person you would rather understand he is simply confused in a awful way because its dangerous and he might hurt someone. But never the less you’d know his path is disharmonious, full of flawed calculations about reality and his purpose here. So it is because you see yourself you can see him and have compassion rather than condemnation.

See we are all one and in order to see that one has to go deep within themself and take the ugly with the good on the same plain. You have to accept that your good could be wrong and your bad is going to be there its a law. But instead of good and bad, we see equal in terms of positive and negative. Ive found they call it the law of polarity. I dont want to digress my point being is if you see the truth you then you can no longer penalize or perpetrate unrest to harm another because you will be looking at you. If you understand yourself I promise you will understand others even the deranged and sick acting peoples. This is not to say you have to be weak but rather you have to be real when you do what you do in reaction to others.

Reality is that we live in a place of requirements on to needs on to perverted gluttony and in a sense, battle is necessary to continue but it all comes down to what kind of nature is behind any aggressive acts toward another. If your nature is righteous then you will not be doing what is disharmonious to your soul, being and progression along your path. Reality is reality and the fact is people are about as aware of their spirit as they are what the bugs are doing tonight in their lawn. You see reality is what it is and it is what it looks like and this entire thing is about experiencing, handling it all while staying in balance spiritually and its about you and what you understand but most of all its about being honest about it with yourself.

From here with learning what makes sense spiritually we are set on a path that is course correcting, ever more centered and on balance with a good sense of well being. We can get an idea about karma and a keen sense of direction based on signals you can clearly read in what is happened to you on a daily basis. You know when something isn’t right but instead of not being in tune to it you listen to that voice right away because you understand its from the highest of consciousness. Some call it the super conscious, some the collective consciousness, I call it God and we are all a part of God and if we are awake naturally we will act like it. On the right path with the right understandings detours become harder and harder to find.

Well I hope this clears things up and if you made it this far I applaud you. I only hope some of the lines of thinking here will resonate with you some how some way. God bless and goodnight.