The Reality of Things is:


You know if I use my title on a blog for my whole site I’m getting ready to say it like it is. There are 43% of us that still support Donald Trump. Now they are all right wing Christians. As a matter of fact Trump is the Christian clown at this time. He promises them Judge’s on beaches so that they can get rulings that invoke Christian ways of life into our laws. So that us non Christians will have to live in Christian ways.

It is fair actually you vote in the candidate that supports your concerns and he in turn carries out his promises he or she made to them on the campaign. If it only went this far I’d be ok with with it but this isn’t just that its so much more than that. Most of the politicians in Washington are Christians even the ones that do not like trump. Most the major Christian leaders have thrown them selves unequivocally behind Trump.

The extent of which shocks me. You see I loose faith in a religion when they let anyone contradict their God directly. When the man they support claims to have never had to ask God for forgiveness, when this same man shouts out “I am the chosen one”. This all isn’t even mentioning the 500 things this man has done since in office that are against and religious teachings that I know of. There are nods to white supremes organizations, his administration started yanking kids from their mothers arms and placed them in cages. To this day they are still placing them in open ended detention some people haven’t showered in a month, some have drank water from toilets because the thirst was so great.

Stop right here and I want to ask your something. Just with what i just told you about Trump and his administration as a Christian would you treat people like this. You and you alone would you do these few things I have mentioned. See I’m not Christian and at this moment I’m glad I’m not. But thats not the point my point is that if your one of the 43% percent of Christians that are going to vote for him you might as well do these things your self. To me if you condone this in anyway way shape or form you are some kind Christian that I’ve never known.

I’m not going to go on all night and list the Atrocities this man has committed and is planning to commit against all of us even you Christian. Right now your his vote but the man is evil and he tells you he is evil everyday and you are ok with this so I must conclude you are evil as well. You have sold yourself to the devil and i dont think you can comeback at this point.

There is no debate about this we can all see with our eyes what he is and many of you Christians have embraced this behavior so you might as well be responsible for it too. I know you have some spaining to do when you meet God. What are you going to say i wonder you see God isn’t gonna go for spin. First your leaders sold out at the prayer breakfast but then you sold out when you let them sell out. Now your just a sell out religion and you cant tell me nothing, nothing , nothing , nothing you hypocrite.

The whole things is worthless I do not look up to any of you as something I ever want to be. The man is pure evil you know it and your trying to help the devil win because you think the devil is going to help you afterwords. Your gonna burn in hell that is whats going to happen. Revelations said the beast will come and many will think he knows the way. “I am the chosen one” not one of you corrected him because he supports what you want cruelty to humans that are different from you.

I want to puke, do you know the effect you have had on even non Christians what we have seen you comply with and yes even the silent ones you are just as bad. Pressure from you would have made your leaders speak up but you wanted it too. Yep end times are here and you are with the beast you are going to let the beast be successful and then the beast is going to help you right okay wow suckers.

I assume you cant comprehend any of this for you have already sold your soul. Well may God haVE NERCY ON YOU FOR FOLOWING THE BEAST.

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